The Best Way To Defeat CT Symptoms

The Best Way To Defeat CT Symptoms

The Best Way To Defeat CT Symptoms

What is this painful sensation in your hands? How come you can only type out a coupe of e-mails before your hands no longer function well? Why is there a burning sensation in your forearm? It is likely that you have developed some symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that can be debilitating and needs immediate attention. If you are a workaholic and do a lot of repetitive things with your hands, you are a prime candidate.

Not taking care of your wrists and hands can be a very serious thing. CTS can affect your life to the fullest and take away some of things you normally do on an everyday basis. Try going through the day and not using your hands at all? Having a hard time? This is only one of the things you will have to endure with CTS.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition that starts off with tingling, numbness, a burning sensation, or a cold feeling in the hands. CTS can actually affect your whole body if you aren’t careful. When some people start having the symptoms listed above, they change there posture in order to relieve the pain in their wrists. Problem with doing that is, changing your posture can lead to back pain, neck pain, or even shoulder pain, which can cause you to miss work.

Spotting the symptoms is one thing, knowing what it is, is something else. Carpal tunnel syndrome starts when the median nerve, which is the nerve that runs down your arm and through your wrists, becomes compressed. The compression starts when the transverse carpal ligament is strained and becomes tightened. This ligament is vital to your everyday routine because it allows the hand to maneuver and function, as well as give you strength. If you are not keeping loose, you are inviting pain everyday, and you need to do some preventative maintenance.

It has been known that there are various ways to treat CTS. The most popular way is surgery, because it relieves the pain almost immediately. However some doctors and patients both say that surgery isn’t always the best method to treat CTS because of what is involved in doing it. If you opt for surgery, the surgeon will completely sever the transverse carpal ligament to relieve the pressure from the median nerve. This has been known to be a very effective way to treat CTS, however could have some unknown long term effects that vary from person to person.

The best way to defeat carpal tunnel symptom is to take a natural approach. Try proper diet and eating habits, because the more nutrients your body has available, the better it can fight the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome. Also, take more regular breaks at work so that you can give your hands time to recuperate. Try to keep the wrists loose and mobile, and do some different activities throughout the day. It even helps to “shake out” your hands every once in a while to get the circulation flowing. Try to follow good posture techniques so that you don’t run into the problems again.

Tom Nicholson has made available to the public his unique carpal tunnel exercises that can ease pain and discomfort for any carpal tunnel sufferer. Discover a way to help yourself without resorting to surgery. Follow this link to reduce your suffering and improve your quality of life by doing a series of simplecarpal tunnel exercises.

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